Blog the Sprog

It's a very weird thing, making a person. I honestly never thought I'd do it, but here we are... so I'm gonna tell it like it is. It's a very scary and exciting time. Yikes!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The cutest bath pic!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Living in the now... one minute at a time

It struck me the other day what the biggest difference is to how I feel now, compared to what I was expecting before. And that is how I am completely and totally living in the moment with Amy, instead of looking ahead in any way.

Maybe it's because she's the first baby and we're really tired or just finding our feet each day with how to do stuff - but it feels like much more of a mental shift than that.

I feel so calm and relaxed about her.

When I was pregnant (and even before), I used to worry about how we'd deal with her going to school and birthday parties and all that crap... and I was nervous about how I'd even be able to drive with her in the car!

It all seems so silly now - and I can't even get my brain to think about later today, nevermind next month or when she's ready for school.

Just enjoying each minute... 'cos it's already flying past!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Where do I begin?

It's quite different to what I expected... I never knew what tired was until now! But through the exhaustion is the most overwhelming love and a feeling that is so life-changing and indescribable.

The first few days were hard and I was sure that 'instinct' would never kick in - but it did and now most of it seems easy.

We are VERY lucky and have a very good, easygoing baby most of the time. She sometimes screams at top volume in the middle of the night (I'm sure the neighbours think we're torturing her!) - but mostly she sleeps and looks cute.

I have so much to say but can't get it into decent words yet... blogging was easier before she came out! For now, the pics speak for themselves...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Amy is finally here!

So much to say, so little sleep! Am still just too tired to write all I want to but will eventually...

For now, here are some of my fave pics of our little Amy - born 26 July - click here